Social Dance - 9 February
  Annual Ball - 12 January
Granville Market Graded Bk 2   EH3 7AF   40
The Ladies of Dunse   26   Maxwell's Rant   18
Holyrood Strathspey 51   Sugar Candie 26
Gothenburg's Welcome 37   Napier's Index   45
Trip to Timber Ridge 52   General Stuart's Reel          10
The Orchards of County Armagh Anderson    City of Belfast 48
Pelorus Jack 41   The Pump Room Walker
Swiss Lassie 39
  The Gentleman 35 
Linton Ploughman 5   St Andrew's Fair 1982
The Black Black Oil Drewry   The Sailor 24
The Minister on the Loch Goldring   The Laird of Milton's Daughter 22
Farewell to Balfour Road 52   The Anniversary Reel 36 
The Saltire Society Reel Leaflet   Culla Bay 41
The Silver Tassie
Blooms of Bon Accord Drewry
Quarries' Jig 36
Mrs Stewart's Jig 35
The Dancing Man  Graded Bk 2    The Rose of the North  Goldring 
      Catch the Wind  45 

  The Duchess Tree Drewry
      The Wild Geese   24 
      Mairi's Wedding Cosh