Social Dance - 10 February
  Annual Ball - 13 January
Miss Hadden's Reel 23   Hooper's Jig   MMM
The Kissing Bridge   47   Anniversary Reel  36
Miss Gibson's Strathspey   Leaflet
  Gang the Same Gate  36
Flight to Melbourne 47   Ian Powrie's Farewell...   Hamilton
Vintage Simon 47   Neidpath Castle 22
The Flower of Glasgow 46    The Pump Room  Walker
The Sailor 24   Miss Gibson's Strathspey Leaflet
Diamond Jubilee  31   The Starry Eyed Lassie 23 
Jubilee Jig Leaflet   The Montgomeries Rant 10
Music Makers 33   EH3 7AF 40
Moment of Truth 37   Summer Wooing 38
Joe MacDiarmid's Jig RSCDS 1982   Belle of Bon Accord Drewry 
Peggy Dewar 38    Wicked Willy H Ways
Mrs Milne of Kinneff Leaflet   The Kelloholm Jig Leaflet
Jennifer's Jig Drewry    Linnea's Strathspey 
Montgomerie's Rant  10
Maxwell's Rant 18
  MacDonald of the Isles Haynes 

  Joie de Vivre 39

Mairi's Wedding Cosh